Weighing In On Tchividjian and the Gospel Coalition


I believe the voluntary, sacrificial death of Jesus Christ on the cross is the only condition necessary for redemption. I reject and deny the belief that Christ’s death made it possible for people to fulfill a future condition necessary for redemption. In other words, I reject and deny the belief that a person’s free will choice or that a person’s good behavior is what makes the difference between being saved and being condemned. I instead agree with Scripture that by offering His body to God at the cross as sacrifice for His people’s sins, Christ did, two-thousand years ago, redeem all the people whom God from eternity elected to save, and that God does in time bring each one of these people to faith, because Jesus Christ has redeemed them.

This means that I reject and deny the claim that Christ died for everyone.

Tullian Tchividjian is another one of these “superstar” pastors on the rise..  Today he is telling people that salvation is by grace rather than law.  Yet at the same time he shows that he denies this by excluding election and the truth of definite atonement from his preaching.  Understand that there is no way a man can reject salvation by law while at the same time insisting that Christ died for everyone.

If Christ died for everyone, but some people are not saved, then it is not Christ’s death that made the difference. Something else had to have made the difference. Whatever that something else is, no matter what that something else is, it is not the cross of Christ, and therefore it is a legalistic false gospel.

I will be frank. Tullian Tchividjian is a legalist! So is the Gospel Coalition! Both parties are legalists. Both parties preach you can be saved by law. Tchividjian preaches legalism by refusing to preach election and definite atonement. The Gospel Coalition preaches legalism by making law the object of one’s assurance of election and definite atonement.


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3 Responses to Weighing In On Tchividjian and the Gospel Coalition

  1. Alien Pebble says:

    Faith must not be the condition of salvation for it not be a work.

    Even if you say Christ bought the gift of faith for the elect alone, as long as you say Christ died for everybody, you are still making faith a condition of salvation.

    • David Bishop says:

      I have removed Tom’s comment and have asked him not to post anymore. He proved himself a troll in his previous comments. He is someone who is not interested in discussion or debate. He is someone who just wants to win the argument.

  2. Alien Pebble says:

    What’s legalism?

    For some people, legalism is formalism, so if we focus on the substance (justice, mercy, faithfulness), then we cannot be charged of legalism.

    For some other people, legalism is self-righteousness, so if we confess we are sinners in need of grace, then we cannot be charged of legalism.

    Legalism is boasting in our performance, whatever kind of performance is involved in the specific context. Some might boast in their formal observance. Some might boast in their focusing on the substance of Law. Some might boast in their confessing their lack of righteousness. But as long as we boast in our performance, we are legalists.

    The only way not to be a legalist is to boast in Christ’s performance alone. If we think we are saved by not being a legalist, we are still legalists.

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