Gay Marriage or Christians Missing Another Opportunity . . . . again?

I’ve been watching Christians over the last month or so express their outrage at the Supreme Court’s decision by demanding homosexuals and politicians repent of their behavior and their decision rather than their self righteous false belief about God. It is almost as though these Christians don’t care whether the homosexual believes the gospel or not, they just want the homosexual to stop being homosexual, or to at least stop making things more difficult for Christians.  Rather than confronting the Court’s decision with the gospel, many Christians think it would be better confronted with, or at least in combination with, politics and billboards.  My friend, this ought not to be.

As Christians, we should be ready to lay down our lives as a witness for the gospel. Most of us have not been ready to do that. Now that it seems the start of a very real persecution of a sort is underway in this country, it would appear that many of us are going to be forced into doing what God told us to do; lay down your lives, your money, your freedom, your so called rights for the gospel.

How long shall we zealously cherish the roots of irreligion and still complain of its growth? How long shall we hold forth strong drink unto men and still bemoan their intemperance? How long shall we pray that the cause may flourish and the nature effects decrease? We have been at great pains to sweeten and gild the Christian religion, to make it palatable; yet men still slyly lick off the sweet and pocket the gold, and after all throw away the pill, complaining of its bitterness. Melancholy case indeed! What a pity is it that Christianity is not more fashionable so that we zealous Christians, instead of bearing the cross after Christ and patiently submitting to the hatred and contempt of the world, like His first followers, who knew no better, may be in the top fashion, and have our importance and weight duly considered among mankind! With what a lovely piety and sincere devotion might we shine forth if our “most conspicuous families,” who rule the fashion would only animate us by their concurrence; and, by the weight of their character and station, check the impertinence of profane wits. And how readily would we set our affections on the things that are above were we only disencumbered of all inconveniences in our concerns below: and what a charming sight it would be to behold these two ideas which appeared irreconcilable to Jesus and His apostles now beautifully harmonizing together under the joint appellation of the Christian world.
— Robert Sandeman, Letters on Theron and Aspasio: Addressed to the Author, pgs 116-117


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