Lordship Salvation With An Arminian Twist

How do you get from unconditional election to salvation by grace without preaching definite atonement?  Just ask Robert B. Selph, he knows.   He says you do it by changing your behavior so you can justify God for having justified you.

Bad enough that Selph presents folks like Andrew Fuller as positive Baptist champions of the faith, but then he has to go and make things even worse by conditioning salvation upon behavior modification.

“The Bible way for a person to draw assurance that he has been saved is through self-examining questions – Do I love God more for who He is than for how He makes me happy? Do I love to read the Scriptures? Do I delight in the commandments of God? Is my soul comforted by God’s truth? Do I feel real conviction for my sin? Is my life marked by the ongoing pursuit of holiness? Is there a real distinction between myself and the world? Do I love to be with the brethren? Is the worship of God a priority in my life? Does sin grieve me because it grieves God? Is there a willingness to deny self for the glory of God and to serve Christ sacrificially? Is my soul found breathing regularly in secret prayer? Do I make it my life practice to carefully obey God’s word?”
– Southern Baptists and the Doctrine of Unconditional Election, Robert B. Selph, pgs 104-105

I don’t know.   Sounds like there might not be enough navel gazing going on here.  Let me add the lint from my own belly button to see if we can get this pile of crap just a little bit bigger.

Did I read my Bible today? Check.  Did I pray today? Check.  Have I loved my children enough?  Do I love my neighbors enough?  Do I love my wife enough?  Did I floss my teeth? Take a shower?  Put on some deodorant?   Pick my dirty clothes up off the floor?  Wash the dishes?  Question:  should I scratch my behind in public, or must I continue to walk with an itch?

I dunno.  It’s a mystery.


By leaping over particular atonement in order to get from unconditional election to regeneration, Selph has presented his readers with a gospel that conditions the fulfillment of God’s demand for justice upon the future actions of the person justified.

In other words, according to Selph, God’s demand for justice is not satisfied by Christ’s death, but rather by an improved behavior on our part.   And Selph sees it this way, because the last thing he wants is a Christ who only died for His elect.  No wonder then he has to come up with a list of actions he must perform in return for assurance. What else has he got? Trusting that Christ accomplished everything which needed to be accomplished?  Ha!  Who needs Christ when you got a navel to look at.

What Selph gives us is Lordship Salvation with a Southern Baptist lemon twist. Imagine that, another Lordshipper.  But hey, like a good Southern Baptist, at least he keeps the pews filled.

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5 Responses to Lordship Salvation With An Arminian Twist

  1. Greg Wood says:

    Do  you know what a hula hoop with a nail in it is called?Navel destroyer.  liked your lint analogy.

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  2. dizerner says:

    It’s kind of self-defeating for me though. You are saying “He is navel gazing, and setting a bunch of standards to be good enough, and that nullifies God doing everything regardless of what we do,” and by doing that YOU ARE SETTING UP STANDARDS he must “obey” to be “good enough.” Your “trust in Christ” becomes a work itself. We don’t need to trust in Christ, rather turn away from that horrible man-centered teaching. It’s not conditional on anything we do, not anything. So by this preacher preaching works, he’s doing just fine. It doesn’t matter what he does, because it’s all Christ anyway. Can his works salvation preaching nullify the monergistic grace of God? Of course not. The elect are saved not based on any actions, the reprobate are lost not based on any actions, period. We can navel gaze all we like. You are making a set of conditions and works by denying we can preach conditions and works and be just fine. You are the very man you condemn. Look in a mirror. Your accusations of navel gazing ARE navel gazing. Relax. We can preach Lordship, we can be Hitler, we can be the most perfect preacher or preach as Satan himself, and Christ alone saves whoever he wants and damns whoever he wants, and actions don’t matter at all, that is a works centered salvation.

    • David Bishop says:

      Faith does not convert. Rather, those who are converted have faith. If you don’t have faith, then you weren’t converted. See the difference? Money doesn’t get you the job. Rather, the job gets you the money. If you don’t have the money, then it’s because you don’t have the job. See the difference?

      • dizerner says:

        But you can’t judge who is elect just by measuring how righteously you think they act. Everyone is either saved or lost from birth regardless of any sinfulness at any time of their life.

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